Why an Advocate

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Educational advocacy is essential because it safeguards your child’s access to a high-quality education that supports their unique needs and abilities are met. An educational advocate is someone who works on behalf of students and families to promote their educational rights and ensure that they receive the appropriate services and accommodations.

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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much - Helen Keller

Ensuring access to education:

Educational advocacy ensures that every student has access to a quality education, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Advocating for students with disabilities:

Students with disabilities require special education services and accommodations, and educational Advocate work to ensure that they receive these services.

Supporting Families :

Educational advocates provide support and guidance to families who may be struggling to navigate the educational system or obtain the services their child needs.

Improving Educational Outcomes:

Educational advocacy can lead to improved educational outcomes for students, including higher graduation rates, better academic achievement, and increased access to post-secondary education.

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